Tournament FAQs

 Please fill out Release of Liability form and the Roster form before the tournament start

Easy, just click here.

Teams will need to pay a $150 registration fee, provide proof of age and a minimum of 3 players in order to register.

No, each player will be privately insured, not needing traditional “player cards”

All games will be played at Big Sky Park in Bend OR.

6 players maximum per team, with a minimum of 3 players per team.

Your team will play in at least 4 games and perhaps more if they make it to the championship rounds.

Games are 12 minute halves with a 1 minute halftime break

No, only field players

No, players and coaches only in the designated participant area

Yes, we encourage teams and families to set up a “tailgating” tent in our family-friendly park area.

Yes, Big Sky Park is dog friendly. Dogs must be kept on leashes, except in designated off-leash dog area.

We use the new USYS calendar registration year for determining a player’s “Tournament Age”. (ie: all players born in 2007 are considered U-11)
** Please note that a player may play in a division older than his/her age but not in a younger division

Birth Year of Oldest Player
Age Bracket to Register

A coach may be a parent, volunteer, or professional coach. Only designated and rostered coaches are allowed on team sidelines. Additionally a maximum of two coaches may be listed on each roster and will need to sign a waiver to participate. We do mandate that the coach of your team treats his/her players and referees with respect and dignity.

Any one of the following are acceptable – Player pass, passport (copy), birth certificate (copy) or drivers license.

One representative from each team is required at check-in one-hour before the team’s first game. Please have proof of age for each player available at each game in case of an age/identity protest.

Yes. If you need to make changes to your roster, you can login to your account online and make the necessary changes. If you need to make changes to your roster after the registration deadline, you must do so at the team check in.

For the Adult Coed divisions, each team must have at least 1 female on the field at all times. The roster can consist of any combination of male and female players as long as one female player is on the field at all times from each team.

When there are limited teams in certain divisions, the tournament directors will do our best to combine age and skill divisions as needed. All teams will be contacted should this occur.

Prior to the day of the event the Tournament Director will make a decision regarding schedule changes, delays or postponement due the forecasted weather or field conditions. A $125 refund will be issued to all teams should this occur on the day of.

During the Event, games will be played through rain as long as the weather does not become severe; particularly in the case of Storms with Lightning, play will be suspended until conditions improve and it is safe to resume play. Conditions will be checked every 30 minutes and the decision to resume play will be considered every 30 minutes until play can be resumed. Games can be shortened or modified if needed to complete the event during bad weather conditions. Should games be canceled on the day of the event a $25 refund/per game will be issued to each affected team.

Teams must wear similar colored jerseys. Numbers are not required, and jerseys do not have to be identical, just close enough so that it is clear that the players are on the same team. An alternate set of pinnies will be located at every field that the home team shall be required to wear if there is a conflict

All players are required to wear Shin Guards. Players without Shin Guards will not be permitted to play.

Fields are 30 yards wide by 40 yards long. Goals are 2″5″ X 3’11”

The deadline (for guaranteed acceptance) is shown on the web site. After that date, teams can still apply, however your team will only be added if there is room in your division.

Teams understand that there will be no refunds granted for any reason after the registration deadline. There will be a $25 administrative fee for teams withdrawing from the tournament prior to May 31, 2016.

Yes!  U19 and under 1st place teams will receive a winners medal. Adult groups will receive a $100 CASH prize to the first place team.

For any other questions, please call Tara at (541) 915-9770